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Above: Lane and Rory.

Okay, confession. I missed nearly the first half hour of this episode because I was at a sports dessert party thing. So I have no clue what really happened, but I'm going to take a go at it and try to tell you what happens, judging from an episode guide I read. Okay? Good.

In the beginning, Lorelai and Rory are drinking coffee at Luke's. What else is new? Then Lorelai gets a call from Max. Lorelai and Max are the only ones who know they are back together; Rory doesn't know.

Lane has to study with Dean. They're working on a project together. Rory is upset about it, like she thinks Lane will steal Dean away or something. Mrs. Kim, on the other hand, is just plain furious.

Rory pretty much takes on Mrs. Kim's attitude.

Above: Rory being wistful, and Paris noticing.

Okay, then Mr. Medina asks Rory to stay after class. He talks to her about Lorelai.

All right, this is the part where I tuned in. So this will be much more accurate.

Rory gets off the bus and her mom is there. Rory yells something at her mother about how she and Mr. Medina will just break up again, now that they're back together. Lorelai yells back at her how that is totally untrue. Lorelai goes into the market. Rory balks at even thinking of having to go into the market, and heads for home. She doesn't go there.

Above: Lorelai facing an empty house.

You'll probably never guess where she goes.

Guess for the most unlikely place in the world.


So Rory shows up on the senior Gilmores' doorstep... literally. She's taken a cab all the way from Stars Hollow to Hartford. Richard and Emily are kind of shocked. They were about to go out, but they tell Rory not to worry about it, and they invite her in. For dinner. And a night over.

Above: Rory. On the senior Gilmores' doorstep.

Meanwhile, Lorelai has been home in a blind panic. She's sent out Sookie and Max to look for her errant daughter, who is nowhere to be found. The phone rings, and it's Emily. Telling her where Rory is. Lorelai is very upset, but tries to control her anger. She melds it into concern.

The next morning, Rory comes down for breakfast to find that her skirt is being ironed and that Emily's cook could try to make her a Pop-Tart. She is very impressed.

Above: Rory eating breakfast.

Lorelai goes to Luke's that morning for coffee. She drinks coffee, tells Luke her woes, and then goes by the market. Dean is there. They have a little "chat." Lorelai finds out that breaking up with Dean was all Rory's fault, or most of it, anyway. Dean feels that he was cheated because Rory was so unresponsive to him. Lorelai gets even more upset.

Above: Lorelai and Dean having a "chat."

So Lorelai goes to pick up Rory, and they have a big talk. Lorelai tells Rory that she shouldn't be afraid of love. Rory asks if Lorelai is ready to say "I love you" to anyone. Lorelai says she nearly is. They hug.

Above: The hug.

So they're driving home, and both are thinking separate thoughts. Suddenly Rory says, "Drop me off here!" at Kim's Antiques. Lorelai does so, and Lane and Rory hug on the front porch, all of their argument forgotten.

Above: The second hug.

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